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Episode 13: Tolkien Fanfiction Culture

    This episode Jude and Stef talk to Dawn Walls-Thumma, founder of the Silmarillion Writers Guild and author of a fascinating survey on the culture and practices of the Tolkien Fanfiction community.

Dawn’s Socials
Twitter: @DawnFelagund
Silmarillion Writers Guild
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Show Notes
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Works Referenced This Episode
Walls-Thumma, Dawn (2019) Data on Tolkien Fanfiction Culture and Practices (1st Edition)

Episode 11: The A-Neigh-zing Horses of Middle Earth part 2

From the noble Mearas of the Rohirrim to the dark mounts of the Black Riders, we close out our Horsey series with some of the most notable steeds of Middle-earth

Episode 10: The A-Neigh-zing Horses of Middle Earth part 1

What started as a joke about ranking of all the horses of Middle-earth as a palate cleanser for Stef after so many episodes about souls and eschatology, has turned into two of our best episodes, courtesy of Stef’s unbridled enthusiasm for hoses and Tolkien! Enjoy this first in our two part series on the Horses of Middle-earth!

Episode 9: Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth part 2: grief and partings

In the conclusion of first episodes on the Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth, we cover the second half of the conversation, discuss the Tale of Adanel, and give our final thoughts on this amazing piece. We also talk about our recent trip to New York to attend the Tolkien and Inspiration symposium at the Morgan Library!

Episode 8: Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth part 1: death, faith and hope

Part 1 of our first foray into the work that gave our podcast its name, Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth! We meet the our interlocutors and dive into this fascinating exploration of death, faith, and hope in Middle-earth.

Episode 7: Thought Transmission and Elven Resurrection

Part 2 of our discussion of souls, eschatology, and the elven afterlife examines the properties inherent to fëa, including thought transmission, and then we discuss elven resurrection!

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